LB14_Crowd_4849_545x300px wideThe 20th annual Legislative Briefing was a great success with over 200 people in attendance! Many friends joined us with people traveling from hours away to participate in the program.The topics ranged from religious freedom, sex trafficking, the importance of the rule of law, marriage protection efforts, conscience protection and much more.
LB14_4822_545x300pxAll too often, the news and happenings today’s culture causes despair and many feel hopeless and powerless to make a difference. Our goal of offering information, insight, hope and encouragement was definitely accomplished.LB14_4996_545x300px It was our honor to introduce citizen grassroots leaders to some of the fine statesmen serving from the Michigan Supreme Court, to the State Legislature, to some of the top policy organizations working on behalf of traditional values.
LB14_4859_545x300pxA long-time CTV friend and activist said, “The briefing was exceptional. Speakers were terrific communicators with years of experience in the trenches. CTV is a well-kept secret. It has helped train many past and current state reps and senators for their legislative service.”
Dr. Richard  Zeile, a member of the State Board of Education said, “CTV offers thoughtful discussion of issues and strategy for constructive influence on Michigan Law.”

We were also excited to announce our new program: Maximize Your Voice, which is focused on recruiting and training concerned citizens to be Precinct Delegates. For more information on this important new initiative visit:

The CTV Briefing demonstrated that although there are serious challenges on multiple fronts, there are also many good things happening in Michigan and there are lots of opportunities to be involved.
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Photos by William A. Latocki