by Rick Ross, Chairman of CTV-Shiawassee

LB14_4996_545x300pxApostle Ellis Smith brought the crowd of over two hundred Legislative Day attendees to their feet with enthusiastic applause for his courageous stance on the marriage issue in Michigan! He is a representative voice for one hundred, primarily black, Detroit area pastors who held a press conference February 24 to take a bold and courageous stance for biblical marriage in Michigan! Apostle Smith stated that we have to have a clear voice that we are not against people, but that we are for traditional biblical marriage because it is the best model for healthy families and communities.

Apostle Smith was just one of the many inspiring and courageous speakers at CTV’s Legislative Day that highlight why the day is so important to conservative Christian citizens in Michigan. We heard from rule of law Justices Brian Zahra and David Viviano who provide a front line defense against judicial activism on Michigan’s Supreme Court.

Richard Thompson of Detroit’s Thomas More Law Center gave us encouragement with a rousing defense of traditional American values.

Brad Snavely of Michigan Family Forum  provided an update on the Federal Court case concerning Michigan’s marriage amendment and gave us strategies for proper messaging the case for traditional marriage that will help to recapture the moral high ground and give the media less of a target to demonize.

I was particularly pleased with James Muffett’s strong admonition to us as Christians not stoop to the level of the rest of the media and culture by calling names, impugning motives and generally demonizing our opponents. We need to set the tone for a civil atmosphere for rational debate of highly controversial issues. Where else will the world find a model for this unless we Christians set the tone?

CTV’s Legislative Day is a time to hear directly from those on the front lines of public policy in Michigan without the filtering of the media. It provides opportunity to hear and formulate strategies in defense of traditional family values while at the same time networking with those concerned citizens from around the state.

Networking with like-minded citizens is crucial for strategizing for action and for encouraging one another. We network via all forms of social media including the old fashioned phone call! This allows us to share resources and information that we might not otherwise have at our disposal. I find networking on Facebook to be especially helpful with keeping at the forefront of local, state and national issues.

I have greatly broadened my network of friends and colleagues as a result of attending CTV’s Legislative Days. It is a great source of encouragement to know that I am not alone is this battle.