PDF Promo ButtonWe want you to know you will not be alone on this new Precinct Delegate journey. Together, we will equip you to be prepared to engage in this role as a responsible Christian citizen. To assist you, we are planning several forums that will help you understand the process. Dates, times, and locations are listed here, or you can click here to view a flyer with that same information.

Dear Michigan Citizen:

Now that you filed an Affidavit of Identity to be on the August ballot as a Precinct Delegate, we want to invite you to attend one of our four Precinct Delegate Forums. Our special focus will be how to win and be an effective delegate as a Christian.

We are excited to offer an invite to ALL who have filed to run as a Precinct Delegate in Michigan, not just those who have been recruited through CTV efforts, to attend our seminars to learn more about being a positive voice.

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We believe it is time to change the political culture in Michigan. Those who have previously run for Precinct Delegate and attended conventions will find this call to action refreshing in light of the divisiveness experienced by all sides over the past few years. It is time that we as Christians be called to serve our Savior in a better light.

Through these forums, it is our goal to challenge the experienced delegate veteran to a greater level of influence and effectiveness. But to those who are new, we want to ease your worries and walk you through some of the tactical mechanics of this new and exciting role.

Questions that will get answered at these forums include:

  1. How do we as Christians engage in a responsible way when we disagree with a candidate or a position?
  2. How can we engage in spirited debate without losing sight of being Christ-like?
  3. How do we balance a secular political event with our biblical world view?

Responsible Christian Citizenship


Serving as a Precinct Delegate can and should be viewed as an opportunity for Christians to be a light in the public arena. With our Precinct Delegate work beginning in 1988, Citizens for Traditional Values has been assisting people of faith towards engagement in the political community for over three decades. This training will be unlike any others offered in Michigan.

Space is limited. RSVPs are required. Contact us with questions.