By James Muffett, President of Citizens for Traditional Valuesempty room

Sometimes election results are very disappointing and leave us with questions about going forward.

In every election there are two windows through which we must look. In the primary or convention nomination race—which often provides a variety of options—we pick the candidate we like the most and work for them, contribute to them, campaign for them and vote for them. Sometimes our candidate does not win.

After the Primary Election, it is important to move our focus to the General Election because the window of comparison has now changed. The differences between the political parties is much greater than those between primary opponents. In this new window, if you wish to support a viable candidate, your options are narrowed considerably, and it often appears that there are no “good” choices.

When given this kind of decision, it is my philosophy to choose the candidate who lines up closest to my values. Unfortunately, I have yet to meet a perfect candidate, so we are always left with a less than perfect choice!

Regardless of your choice for a particular campaign, remember that there are many other crucial races being decided in the General Election. The ballot this fall will include contests for U.S. Senate, U.S. Congress, State Senate, State House, Supreme Court, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State School Board and University Boards. Certainly everyone should be able to find a candidate to support.

There are many important battle lines this November. I urge all conservatives—whether your primary or convention candidate wins or loses—to stop finger pointing, casting blame and name-calling. While everyone should follow their own conscience, do not condemn others for following theirs. In the rough and tumble of elections and convention politics, we must remember that we work alongside people who have value and dignity in the sight of God. We must respect and honor one another regardless of whether we cherish their mode of operation, beliefs on particular issues or character. Find candidates at all levels who share your values and get involved in their campaigns.

Let us all become citizens of excellence who work to build a community that is stronger next time. And remember, elections are part of what makes America great—the opportunity to choose!

In God, not government, do we trust. Providence, in the end, will determine the outcomes and our duty as Responsible Christian Citizens does not change no matter who is in office.

Let our aim always be righteousness, our manner love and respect, our olive branch dignity and our purpose to continue to restore the brilliant bedrock of sacrifice and reliance on God our founding fathers so willingly established so long ago.

God bless America and God bless us as we select the next leaders for the state of Michigan.

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