By James Muffett, President of CTV

Dear Michigan Delegates:

Among the great responsibilities you now carry as a Precinct Delegate is the great privilege of selecting the next group of county, district, and state leaders for your political party.pinButtonBadge_MockUp_CTV2_RGB72small

I urge all citizens when advocating for your candidate to foster a culture of respect and honor. Please employ statesmanship by not finger pointing, slandering, casting blame, and name-calling.

While everyone should follow their own conscience, do not condemn others for following theirs.

In the rough and tumble of elections and convention politics, we must remember that we work alongside people who have value and dignity in the sight of God. Make your appeal with conviction, but always with respect and honor for others – regardless of whether we agree with their mode of operation, share beliefs on particular issues, or appreciate their character.

Here are some things to remember when faced with these oftentimes difficult decisions.
– Good people can disagree. Be gracious!
– You may be told things to press your buttons because they know you are a conservative values voter. Some will try to manipulate you. Beware!
– Do your research, ask for more information. Never believe only one side of the story. Be a critical thinker. Don’t spread unfounded rumors.
– Beware of last-minute anonymous attacks. Do not put stock in any information that does not come from a legitimate and trusted source.
– Proverbs 18:17 says, “The first to state his case seems right, till the other one comes and cross-examines.”

My final challenge: Let our aim always be righteousness, our manner love and respect, our olive branch dignity and our purpose to continue to restore the brilliant bedrock of sacrifice and reliance on God our founding fathers so willingly established so long ago.

May God give us wisdom as we select the next leaders for the state of Michigan.

James Muffett

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