2016 Legislative Briefing Announcement

May 2, 2016


2016 Legislative Briefing
May 19, 9 am – noon
Radisson Hotel

We are excited to host our 21st Annual Legislative Briefing and you are invited to attend! This will be an up-to-date report by leading voices for conservative values on the status of efforts involving traditional families and Judeo-Christian principles in Michigan. Some of the topics being discussed will be Common Core, parental rights and transgender issues, as well as updates on right to life issues and legislation.

Speakers will include Dr. Richard Zeile (State Board of Education); Senators Tom Casperson, Patrick Colbeck and Phil Pavlov; Representatives Lee Chatfield and Gary Glenn; Ed Rivet(Right To Life of Michigan) and Supreme Court Justice David Viviano.

Other lawmakers will be attending as well, and will step in for a few minutes throughout the morning.

You MUST register ahead of time to attend. Send an email to ctv@ctvmichigan.org confirming whether you can attend. Space is limited! The quality of this content, and presentation by experts, will be invaluable and highly worth the investment of your time.

(A $10 suggested donation will accepted at the door.)

The next briefing will not come until 2017!

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2 Responses to “2016 Legislative Briefing Announcement”

  1. Rosalinda Hernandez Says:

    My name is Rosalinda Hernandez and I just applied for my Precinct Delegate and filed my Affidavit of Identity, I plan on attending the legislative briefing along with two other people.

    Rosalinda Hernandez,

  2. Fred Kummer Says:

    James … Thanks for reminding all of us. You quote J.Q. Adams often, “Duty is ours; results are God’s”. In one of our recent church sermons, Mother Theresa was quoted as saying in an interview where the question essentially was, “Mother Theresa, why do you press on working with the poor when there is no chance of success against poverty?” Mother Theresa is said to have replied, “God didn’t call me to be successful. He called me to be faithful.” Amen to that.