For more than 20 years, CTV has worked to oppose the expansion of all forms of gambling in Michigan. That includes the Detroit casinos, Indian casinos, racinos at horse tracks and expanding the lottery to allow casino-style gaming. It is our firm conviction that a state or locality cannot gamble their way to prosperity, and that the inherent harm to families and businesses far outweigh any so-called benefits that the gaming proponents espouse.

Now comes the latest effort to legalize internet gambling in Michigan arguing that the state should regulate and capture revenue from activity that is already occurring. That is the same type of argument used to legalize prostitution and drugs.

The ostensible goal is to increase revenue, but the Senate Fiscal Agency said, “Much of the variation in estimates arises from the extent to which Internet Gaming Fund revenue would supplant revenue from other gaming activities. No state that has introduced internet gaming while also having casinos and a state lottery has yet to have an overall increase from all three sources…”

For more information, please see the bill summaries, the Senate Fiscal Agency Analysis and news articles below.

We oppose this effort and urge all of our supporters to do the same. Contact your State Senator to express your views here.



SB 203 – Lawful Internet Gaming Act
Kowall, Jones, Warren, Knollenberg, Hertel, Johnson
This bill would create the Division of Internet Gaming and place it in charge of internet gaming licensing and regulations. HB 203 would also impose a 10% tax on gross gaming revenue received by licensees, establish an Internet Gaming Fund, and prescribe penalties for illegal activity.

SB 204 – Amendment to Michigan Penal Code
Kowall, Jones, Warren, Knollenberg, Hertel, Johnson
This bill amends section 750.310 of the Michigan Penal Code, which deals with gambling law applicability, adding 310c which would state that the chapter “does not apply to gambling conducted under the Lawful Internet Gaming Act.”

SB 205 – Amendment to Code of Criminal Procedure
Hune, Kowall, Jones, Warren, Knollenberg, Hertel, Johnson
This bill amends the list of gambling-related felonies to include internet gaming offenses.



Senate Fiscal Analysis – SB 203, SB 204, SB 205


For information purposes only. These articles do not represent the position of CTV, which can be found above.

DETROIT NEWS – Michigan bill bets on legalizing internet gambling
“Michigan legislators are betting that online gambling could be a windfall for state coffers, pushing a plan that would legalize, regulate and tax internet gaming sites run by licensed casinos.
The Michigan Senate Committee on Regulatory Reform this past week advanced Internet gaming legislation in a 7-1 vote over protests from critics who say the bill poses a legal, fiscal and public safety risk for the state.”

ONLINE POKER REPORT – Michigan Moves Forward On Online Gambling With ‘Yes’ Vote, But The Real Fight Is Yet To Come
“…Everyone, including Kowall, was on message in Michigan on Wednesday. The idea that online gambling is going on in an unregulated environment and the state is capturing none of the revenue should be a selling point in Michigan, and indeed everywhere.”

POKER NEWS – Michigan, Pennsylvania Committees Approve Online Gambling Bill
“Michigan’s Senate Regulatory Reform Committee reviewed S 203 and made a predictable 7-1 vote. The bill got this far last year but never reached a vote.
With most of the bill’s sponsors on the committee, the bill easily made it through but will require more action from the Senate and House as time goes on.”