It is wonderful to have legislators who believe in parental rights. CTV remains strongly supportive of the effort to repeal the Common Core State Standards in Michigan and protect the privacy rights of public school students in locker rooms and bathrooms.

Shirkey_TheisSenator Mike Shirkey and Representative Lana Theis covered a wide range of topics, from the budget and healthcare to roads and gambling legislation. CTV is working to oppose all expansion of gaming in Michigan. See below.

They also shared how each of us can be effective advocates for our values both in Lansing and our local communities — through reasoned, respectful, and thoughtful dialogue that seeks to share not just the “what” and the “how” of our viewpoint, but the “why” behind it as well.

In addition to our speakers, we were privileged to have Rep. Eric Leutheuser and Rep. Steve Johnson attend. Special thanks to the Information Network for Christian Homes and our sponsors for partnering with CTV to make this event possible.