Dear Friends of CTV,

As we begin the end of the year letter, let me take a moment to introduce myself to many of you. My name is Jenni Curtin and I am the new Executive Director for Citizens for Traditional Values. I couldn’t be more pleased to be serving in a full time capacity for an organization I have respected and appreciated for many years. I am a Howell resident, grassroots activist, former field coordinator for CTV and most importantly a wife and a mother to 10 children. God has been so good to me and my family. The children He has entrusted me with are one of the driving forces behind my involvement politically, whether as a volunteer, or now as professional.

As we recap 2017, we cannot help but see the glaring need for principled, conservative, Judeo-Christian leaders in Michigan and in our Country. For over 30 years, CTV has been consistently working to train, disciple and mentor such leaders. We have been preparing Michigan’s future leaders from the beginning of their High School years through our sister organization, Student Statesmen Institute. Once our friends reach adulthood, CTV steps in to continue the mentoring process of those who share our traditional values. We just completed a training weekend in Lansing for those who are running for Michigan public office in 2018. We were able to instruct and help shape thinking of Michigan’s next leaders.

Secondly, we are your personal lobbyist for the values you hold dearly. While it would be nearly impossible for individuals to keep their finger on the pulse of all Lansing legislation regarding these values, you have an advocate working each and every day on your behalf in CTV. We are able to infom you through our alert system when your action is needed. Most recently, if you are on our email list, you received an alert about the Williamston School Board rewriting policy regarding transgender bathroom and private facility use. CTV has been directly involved in supporting the Great Lakes Justice Center as they pursue legal action against the Williamston School Board. It is situations like this and many others that we worked very hard to preserve the values we all hold so dearly.

Are you aware that this work has been sustained for over 30 years (the longest such group of its kind in Michigan) solely on support and donations of people like yourself who see the critical importance of such work? If you would prayerfully consider what you might do this year’s end to support the CTV organization financially, we would greatly appreciate it.

There are many exciting things coming through CTV next year, 2018, for you to participate in. Election years are a time when we need all hands on deck! If you would like to learn about how CTV could utilize your volunteer time and effort, would you please contact me? I’m looking to forward to getting to know many of CTV’s longstanding friends as together we continue this great work for the glory of God!

You can donate at

Thank you!

Jenni Curtin
Executive Director
Citizens for Traditional Values