August 6 – Big Day for Historic Marriage in Michigan

August 6, 2014

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iStock_000004638285Small two wedding rings on redOn Wednesday, August 6 at 1:00 PM, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati will begin oral arguments on the legality of Michigan’s 2004 voter-approved Marriage Amendment.

Three randomly selected Judges will determine whether Federal District Judge Bernard Friedman’s March 14 ruling—which negated over two million voters’ support for historic marriage—will stand.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette not only appealed this decision to the higher court, but also requested and was granted a stay on Judge Friedman’s ruling pending appeal.

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Briefs Defending the 2004 Marriage Amendment

The Thomas More Law Center Brief of the Coalition of Black Pastors from Detroit, Outstate Michigan and Ohio. CTV is a signatory on this outstanding brief!

The Michigan Catholic Conference Legal Brief

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One Response to “August 6 – Big Day for Historic Marriage in Michigan”

  1. John Howard Says:

    Good luck, but as a Massachusetts resident, and as an American, it really doesn’t matter much if Michigan and a few other states are able to not recognize same-sex marriages. So I admit I am hoping for the court to deny the appeal and for Michigan to face the same music that so many other states in the country face. Then you will hopefully join me in seeking a federal law that ends same-sex marriage in every state, and preserves the meaning of marriage as approving and allowing the couple to conceive offspring together, and prohibits creating babies except by joining a sperm of a man and an egg of a woman. Unless that is prohibited, children will be taught that boys have no more right to be fathers than girls do, or that they have no more right to be fathers than they do to be mothers. That is highly disrespectful and dangerous and we need the federal Natural Marriage and Reproduction law to fix it. Please call congress and tell them to pass it ASAP!