CTV Political Action Committee

The Citizens for Traditional Values Political Action Committee (CTV-PAC) is registered with the state of Michigan as an “Independent Committee” for the purpose of supporting candidates for political office.PAC_COLOR Logo

The CTV-PAC is a non-partisan, multi-issue, statewide committee representing conservative, pro-life, pro-family values. CTV-PAC has been working since 1991 to screen, evaluate, and endorse candidates who support traditional family values. It is now recognized as one of the leading endorsements for those who wish to identify themselves as a social and economic conservative.

Elections are often decided by very narrow margins, and because of this, CTV-PAC’s efforts have made the difference in many races throughout the years. However, we do not always get involved in Primary races.

Our endorsements are often published in statewide voter guides by both conservative and liberal organizations. Also, our non-partisan comparative voter guides show clear differences among candidates and are used by churches and grassroots networks in strategic races throughout the state.

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