Programs & Events

Since 1983 CTV has been in the business of educating and equipping grassroots and citizen leaders. Our proven programs include:

Pews to the Polls: An aggressive and localized plan that identifies a liaison in conservative churches in strategic regions. We work through the church representatives to conduct voter registration drives, produce educational material and mobilize church members in “Get Out the Vote” efforts. is a consortium of Michigan church and lay leaders who recognize the critical importance of electing “rule-of-law” vs. “activist” judges at all levels of the judiciary. This initiative was first launched during the hotly contested 2000 Supreme Court elections in Michigan. CTV took the opportunity to educate the religious leaders and their communities on the importance of electing conservative judges.

The Legislative Briefing: Our annual policy summit hosted in Lansing each spring, scheduled this year for May 18, 2017. We invite grassroots leaders from across the state to hear behind the scenes cutting edge information on what is happening in the halls of Michigan’s Government. This event provides citizens unusual access to key state leaders from the Supreme Court, the Executive Branch, House and Senate, conservative think tanks, and other key organizations.

The Political Leadership Academy: This is a popular bi-annual weekend candidate school which trains and equips those considering elected office. The PLA features some of the best, and most conservative, state and national experts on campaigns and elections. Potential candidates learn vital information about messaging, fundraising, targeting and strategic planning that is critical to running—and winning! As a Precinct Delegate you are elected to represent your neighborhood for one of the two major political parties. The positive results that a Precinct Delegate help accomplish are powerful and make a real difference.

Citizenship Sunday: CTV encourages churches to periodically (during the year) promote Citizenship Sundays to highlight the importance of Christian citizenship and to pray for those in authority.