Public Comment on Gender Proposal Extended to May 11th

April 4, 2016


State Board of Education Proposal- Click Here

State Board of Education Gender Proposal Public Comment Extended to May 11th – Click Here To Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Recently, Michigan’s State Board of Education has created a “guidance policy” to revamp schools so that they would have to cater to a very small percentage of Michigan’s public school students at the expense of -and potential danger to- the great majority of students simply seeking an education. This “guidance policy” also attempts to strip parents of their rights to direct the education of their own children. Let this post be your one-stop-shop for information about this insidious scheme.

Click on the links below to stay up to date as this issue continues to unfold. The time for public comment is running out, so please read the information below and make your voice heard! The State Board of Education NEEDS to know how we feel. And remember, “Silence is the enemy of truth.”

Article: ‘Pick your gender at school?’

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Article: ‘Transgenderism of Children is Child Abuse, American College of Pediatricians Rules’

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Great Lakes Justice Center Fact Sheet on LGBTQ Policy

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Article: ‘A Rape Survivor Speaks Out About Transgender Bathrooms’

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State senator vows to fight gender choice bathroom proposal

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2 Responses to “Public Comment on Gender Proposal Extended to May 11th”

  1. Paul R. Menghini Says:

    This is cannot be happening! I am a former school board member of my community and this will be a nightmare for Michigan school boards all over the state. Do not allow this policy to be passed! If there is a gender neutral issue have a uni-sex bathroom available so that the mixed up student can use it and lock the door. Do not punish the general population for a few mixed up kids!

  2. Stanley Topel Says:

    To whom this is a concern:
    I have been a teacher since 1955. I have taught every grade from Kindergarten children to adults during that time.
    Please, PLEASE, do not change the signs on the bathroom doors.
    Our present children live in a world that gives them much cause for normal fears, they should not be subjected to additional uncertainty when using the school rest rooms.
    Most sincerely,
    Stanley Topel Ed. D.