Take Action

Politics is nothing more than a public conversation about critical issues resulting in decisions that affect every aspect of our lives. For our values to be represented in the public debate, we must have leaders in elected office who share those values. CTV brings a different flavor to political action that is not based on party affiliation, but is rooted in our God-given responsibility to preserve, promote and defend Judeo-Christian values. Our strategy focuses on being proactive and looking long-term rather than reactive when it comes to the issues of the day.

We must continually be a positive voice in Michigan’s cultural conversation on behalf of traditional family values. Keep reading and find out how your help is greatly needed asap! Your involvement could greatly influence the outcome. Thank you!

Citizen Activists

Step 1: Stay Informed!

Join our email list and follow us on facebook and twitter!

Step 2: Register to Vote!

Make sure you and your family and friends are registered to vote. If you’re not sure if you’re registered, check here.

Step 3: Become a Precinct Delegate

Consider being a Precinct Delegate, or involved in local government.

Step 4: Become a Church Liaison

Engage your church through our Pews to the Polls program

Step 5: Watch the Courts

Help promote rule of law Judges through our MichiganAllRise.org program.

Churches & Pastors

Step 1:

Stay Informed! Join our email list and follow us on facebook and twitter!

Step 2:

Know the truth about your freedoms! (Including what you can & can’t do as a church.)

Step 3:

Adopt our Pews to the Polls program.

Step 4:

Educate your church family on the religious foundation of our country, the importance of being responsible Christian citizens, and cast a vision for how Christians engagement in culture can change the world.

Step 5:

Contact your community’s elected officials and ask how can you pray FOR THEM. To find out who your leaders are, start here. This will give you your district numbers and contact information for your local Clerk. You can then do a search based on the office and district number, or you can contact your Clerk for a list of names.